We Expect an Extremely High Level of Customer Service!

OC Special Event Security is looking for service oriented and dedicated professionals to become part of our team. Please complete our application for employment and fax it in to us for review!

Give us a call or drop us an email through our contact page!

  • Active duty or retired police officers
  • Academy graduates in hiring process
  • Current/recently separated military personnel
  • Extensively licensed in California for security guard

We provide ongoing security services as an out-source agency to many high end resorts, hotels and restaurants.

We are also in need of guards for un-armed, plain clothes, part-time weekend postings with exemplary customer service skills and trained in de-escalation

Start dates vary. Please include P.O.S.T. training history with your resume, if available! Preference to current / recent guards trained by us.

Bodyguard by car outside

Application for Employment

OC SPECIAL EVENTS SECURITY is an Equal Opportunity Educational Institution and EEO/Affirmative Action Employer committed to excellence through diversity.  Employment offers are made on the basis of qualifications, and without regard to race, sex religion,

LICENSES:  Please list all Licensing, if any, such as guard card license/firearms permit, baton and pepper spray license etc.,

WORK EXPERIENCE - Please detail your entire work history.  Begin with your current or most recent employer.  If you held multiple positions with the same organization, detail each position separately.  Attach additional sheets if necessary. Omission of prior employment may be considered falsification of information. Please explain any gaps in employment. Include full-time military or volunteer commitments.

PLEASE NOTE:  OC SPECIAL EVENTS SECURITY reserves the right to contact all current and former employers For reference information


No visible tattoos or piercings while on duty in either uniform or plainclothes.  Hair color must be a naturally occurring color / shade (no blues, greens, non-natural reds, etc.)

Facial hair acceptable as long as it is professionally trimmed and kept neat.


We deal with a generally higher end clientele and we strive to provide personnel acceptable to a more conservative group.  Customer service background a plus.  CJ Students welcome.   Job duties vary by venue and client needs.  Must be able to adapt to changing job sites and expectations.  Flexible schedule through on-line scheduling system.  Keen work ethic and dependability a must.


I certify that the information on this application and its supporting documents is accurate and complete. I understand and agree that failure to fully complete the form, or misrepresentation or omission of facts, represents grounds for elimination from consideration for employment, or termination after employment if discovered at a later date. I authorize OC Special Events Security to investigate, without liability, all statements contained in this application and supporting materials. I authorize references and former employers, without liability, to make full response to any inquiries in connection with this application for employment. If requested, I agree to submit to a physical exam, criminal and credit background investigation, and/or screening for illegal substances upon conditional offer of employment. I understand that this document is NOT an offer of employment, and that an offer of employment, if tendered, does NOT constitute a contract for continued guaranteed employment. I understand that staff employees of {OC Special Events Security serve at-will, and the employment relationship may be terminated at any time by either party, or any or no reason, other than a reason prohibited by law. If employed, I will be required to furnish proof of eligibility to work in the United States, to file a State security questionnaire and State loyalty oath, and to comply with company and departmental regulations. I understand that if employed on a temporary basis, I would be paid for hours worked only, and would be ineligible for benefits including paid time off. If employed on a regular, benefits-eligible basis, I understand that I would be required to make mandatory contributions to the {OC Special Events Security} Retirement System or to an optional retirement program, if applicable. I understand that any benefits I receive may be subject to change or discontinuation at any time without prior notice. I understand that the first SIX MONTHS of regular employment represent a provisional period, during which I would not be eligible to apply for transfer or promotion and during which I may be terminated without right of appeal