What licenses and requirements do I need to work as a security guard?

You must be at least 18 years old, complete a training course in Powers to Arrest & Weapons of Mass Destruction, submit the appropriate fees to the Department of Consumer Affairs, and complete an additional 32 hours of training, within 180 days of your card being issued. We can take care of all your training needs, including assistance with completing your on-line application process, for a small administrative processing fee. You can find out more about qualifications by clicking here

Are there any hidden costs or extra fees in your courses?

What most trainers do not tell you is there will be state Security Officer License application fees, Livescan costs, and other possible background fees, in addition to the cost of the training. There are no hidden fees in our prices. We can include everything into one price or pay as you go, whichever best suits your needs. In reality, our prices are competitive with other training providers, but the quality exceeds expectations. We offer the option to bundle costs associated with getting your license process completed quickly and effectively, with the least amount of effort (state licensing, background, training etc.) so you don't have wonder or worry something did not get done.

I operate a security company and I need some of my employees trained at night. Can you help?

Yes! We provide night-time as well as day courses, and depending on the class size, we can arrange to present the training at your work site for your staff. We can accommodate any size class and the class times to meet the needs of you and your staff. We will arrange training with batons, oc spray, qualifying for the basic BSIS guard card or completing annual training for guard card renewal. Guard training at our facility or at yours, including upgrading your officers for armed security positions.

I am unemployed and need training so can I get a job. Can you help?

We network with other security company's. We provide available security guard jobs from our affiliates when your guard training has resulted in issuance of your California guard card. While there are never any guarantees, we have placed many of those we have trained into security guard jobs with our own company and affiliated companies. We work with EDD and many government vocational rehabilitation agencies and can get you trained with your disability training benefits.

There seems to be lots of paperwork and requirements to become a security officer! I'm not sure what to do first or where to start?

The first move is yours, call us or stop by and we will guide you through the entire process. We are customer service oriented and we want you to succeed. We understand that if you succeed, so do we. We provide all the state forms necessary to complete the licensing process. We can assist in filing for your licensing after guard training (module a) is completed.

My guard card is about to expire & I have not received a renewal notice. What should I do?

Renewal notices are sent mostly as a courtesy. If your guard card is about to expire, you can print a renewal form on-line at BSIS ( www.bsis.ca.gov ) and submit it to Sacramento. You may need to complete your annual refresher training to qualify. Call us and we can talk about it with you.

Do I have to take the Skills Training Course for Security?

If your guard card was issued prior to July 1, 2004 you only need to take a 8 hour refresher course (which we offer). If it was issued AFTER July 1, 2004, you need to complete 16 hours of State "required" training courses within 30 days of issuance of your card, or start of employment, then you have to complete another State mandated 16 hour course within 6 month's. If you're not sure if you in compliance, give us a call right now and let's solve it.

Are there special requirements or exemptions for law enforcement officers?

There are many rules governing law enforcement officers. To see a list and FAQ's guide on law enforcement, click here to be re-directed to the BSIS website.

Is your staff qualified to teach courses in "SECURITY" related subjects?

Yes we are. We are licensed to teach guard card training classes (all modules). Our staff members have extensive law enforcement and/or security experience and training. You will find that some trainers are licensed to instruct certain subjects, but their instructor(s) may not have the depth of experience in the field you deserve. Our staff members do. As mentioned, our instructors are all seasoned police officers (active duty and honorably retired) up to the rank of deputy chief.

Do I need a permit to carry pepper spray?

Yes, if you are working as a security officer. Business & Professions Code 7583.5 states: "Every Licensee, qualified manager, or a registered uniformed security guard who in the course of his or her employment carries tear gas or any other non lethal chemical agent, shall complete the required course pursuant to Section 12403.5 of the Penal Code". We offer this training. Our instructors are certified law enforcement instructors.

I want to get a permit to carry a firearm, but I don't have a guard registration card. Where do I start?

To attend the firearm permit course, you need a valid guard registration card. We conveniently offer guard card classes every week, making the process quick and easy. Call us to schedule your firearm, baton, oc spray, and taser training!

What is the quickest way to get a guard card?

Visit our facility and we will train you, process your application, and submit your fingerprints to the state agency. Your guard card will be issued the next week. Check info page for map to our classroom facility in Orange County (55 fwy and McFadden off ramp).

What is the easiest way to get a guard card and exposed firearm permit?

We recommend that you take the guard card class and firearm class together . We will process your background for both at the same time, it'll save you money in (livescan) fees. We can complete the training process in 3 days.

What happens if I fail a course?

Our job is to make sure you succeed. If you fail, that means we've failed somewhere. We will take all necessary steps to assure you can pass our courses. In the event that you do fail a course, we do offer remedial training at no charge, depending on the course. Our instructors are committed to helping you succeed! If you need special accommodations, please call us.

I may have some issues in my background. What things can disqualify me from getting a license?

There are numerous violations of law, or court orders that can have an effect on obtaining a license. We cannot say for sure what will disqualify you, but we may be able to provide some guidance in these areas. Call us and we will assist you.