Security Training Academy

Security Training Academy

Looking to get your Guard Card?
Already have it, but need the additional modules?
Find everything you need to get going right here.

Guard Card Courses:

  • Module A (Powers To Arrest)
  • Module B (Second Portion)
  • Module C (Third Portion)

Weapon Training Courses:

  • B.S.I.S. Exposed Firearms Training
  • B.S.I.S. Baton Training
  • Pepper Spray Safety Course

Other Services We Offer:

  • Live Scan Electronic Fingerprinting
  • Concealed Weapon Permits
  • Handgun & Rifle Training Courses

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Required Security Classes

Module A

8 Hour Course - To be completed before issuance of Guard Card

  • Overview of power to arrest manual and subject matter.
  • Definition of arrest and discussion on the implications to the subject, the guard and the company.
  • Lecture/discussion on escalation and de-escalation techniques in the use of force.
  • Lecture/discussion in the use of restraint techniques and their implications
  • Discussion of trespass laws and implications of enforcement
  • Completion of the power to arrest training manual test with 100% score in accordance with the manual's administering instructions.
  • Does not include BSIS State Fees.

Live Scan Fingerprints are required by BSIS for Guard Card issuance. We offer Live Scan fingerprinting in our Santa Ana office.

If you will be adding Firearms to your Guard Card, be sure to select the Live Scan with Firearms Background Check.

Module A - Online
Live Scan (No Firearms)
Live Scan (With Firearms)
Module B

16 Hour Course - This is an Online Only class

To be completed within 30 days of Guard Card issuance

  • Public Relations (4 Hours)
  • Observation & Documentation (4 Hours)
  • Communication and its Significance (4 Hours)
  • Liability / Legal Aspects (4 Hours)
Module B - Online
Module C

16 Hour Course - This is an Online Only class

To be completed within 6 Months of Guard Card issuance

  • Handling Difficult People (4 Hours)
  • Work Place Violence (4 Hours)
  • Preserving the Incident Scene (4 Hours)
  • Crowd Control (4 Hours)
Module C - Online

Additional Security Guard Add-On Courses

8 Hours - Held in our Santa Ana office.
During your eight hours of classroom training, you will learn moral and legal aspects of firearms use, firearms nomenclature, weapons handling and shooting fundamentals, and emergency procedures.

Range Fees are required for this class.
Next Class: Mon Sept 12, 2022 @ 9:00am
Firearms Class

Range Fees (Required)
8 Hours - Held in our Santa Ana office.
Your eight hours of training will include the Moral and Legal Aspects of baton use, Use of Force, Baton Familiarization and Uses, First Aid for Baton Injuries and the Fundamentals of Baton Handling.

The cost of this course INCLUDES the California State License Fee.
Next Class: TBD
Baton Class
Add Pepper Spray
*Save $20!
Pepper Spray Training
In Class or Online
This class covers Tactical Considerations, Reasonable Force, Escalation & De-Escalation of Force, Reporting the use of Chemical Irritants and Medical Treatment for Chemical Irritants.
Pepper Spray Class
BSIS Firearms Re-qualification

Re-qualifications must be at least five months apart.
Contact Us to request a requalification schedule.
BSIS Re-qualification